A Basket for Change


Meet the Paama Mamas

Why help the Paama Mamas?

Our lives are blessed with abundance, even during the struggling downturns of the economy. We can still buy a $5 coffee, sandwich, beer or magazine. This $5 could help a woman maintain a simple life, just to feed, clothe and educate her children. Just $5 will do a world of good for someone who struggles to survive.

On average the women earn 100-200 Vatu ($1-2USD) a week by selling their produce at the local market but must find the means to pay family expenses and school fees which average between 15,000 to 100,000Vatu ($150-1,000USD) a year depending on the year level.

Moreover, women here often face severe inequality and hardships that do not exist in our western culture, so providing them with an opportunity to earn an income in turn gives them a way to support themselves and their family.

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